ItSucks system requirements:

Java JRE 1.6 or better.
min. 256 MB RAM

Develop with ItSucks


To build and use the ItSucks library you need Java 1.6, Maven2 and an Subversion client.

Load ItSucks from SVN repository

First load the latest stable version from the sourceforge subversion repository. This command loads the latest stable version of ItSucks and place it in an directory 'itsucks'.

svn co itsucks

Build ItSucks

To compile and install ItSucks in your maven2 repository execute the following commands:

cd itsucks/itsucks-parent
mvn -D maven.test.skip=true -P core install

Note: This will compile and install only the core libraries from ItSucks.

Run the example project

To compile and run the example project, execute the following commands.

cd ../itsucks-example
mvn compile
mvn exec:java

Include ItSucks in your project

Now that the ItSucks libraries are available, you can use them by adding the following dependency to your maven2 pom.xml